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She is a member of BANT and is registered with the Government sponsored Complementary and National Healthcare Council. She has many years experience in the natural health field and throughout her adult life has been passionately interested in the complex science of human nutrition. 


In my experience, it is no exaggeration to say that the results of the approach to nutrition that Glynis takes are life enhancing. Starting with a thorough assessment of individual needs and continuing with practical and helpful advice, Glynis can make a real difference. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone. 
Tony, Colchester, 14 September 2016. 
This is a customer review of the fantastic experience I’ve had visiting nutritional therapist Glynis Parker. I’ve first visited Glynis three months ago. Already I am altogether a different person and am still gradually and steadily improving. My heart, digestion, heartburn, sweating, and energy levels, all greatly improved. I’m far more active, and far more comfortable in myself. Even my nightmares have completely stopped! 
I was recommended to visit Glynis, and it is no exaggeration to say she has transformed my life. My energy levels had decreased to the point where I was just lying on the sofa feeling exhausted. It felt like my body was giving up, and I hadn't’t been able to find any answers elsewhere. 
I say let the evidence speak: my digestion has greatly improved, excessive underarm sweating has all but gone, my energy levels have greatly increased and I am much more active again, my heartburn has gone, and my regular nightmares have stopped (I used to get regular nightmares, since visiting Glynis they have completely stopped, not a single one, now I get quite nice dreams instead). And that is without going into the details of my horrible digestion, which believe me, was horrible and is now much better after three months and still improving. 
No energy, excessive sweating, terrible digestion, nightmares, etc, all gone or greatly improved. These are major changes: she has really got to the heart of something that was badly wrong inside of me. 
Additionally, bodily discomforts are a sensitive subject for me to talk about, Glynis is a great person to talk to and I found it easy opening up about my issues. 
She has advised and supported me to change my lifestyle to be more in tune with my body by encouraging me to change a number of eating habits. In fact through her support I understand myself much better. 
What can I say, Priceless, I want to tell the whole world about her and her methods. 
Gary L., Colchester, 27th July 2016. 
"I would like to give a highly rated review of the marvellous experience I had visiting nutritional therapist, Glynis Parker over a period of several months. She is a fantastic person to talk to and I found it extremely easy and relaxing to be abIe to discuss my various ailments. She gave excellent and sensible advice and helped me to change my 'bad' eating habits.  
Her support enabled me to understand my own emotions. She is very caring and calm together with being professional and knowledgeable regarding the large spectrum of nutrition. I had no energy, terrible digestive problems and this all improved over the time spent with her. I would highly recommend her to anybody." 
Elizabeth, Colchester 
"A professional understanding & knowledge of all aspects of nutrition, would recommend to anybody. Helped me to tackle and deal with a debilitating illness“ 
Michael - Clacton 0n Sea 
“At last, an achievable solution to an illness previously thought to be untreatable! I have no hesitation in recommending Glynis, who is a caring and informed practitioner” 
Jilly- Bury St Edmunds 
"I was constantly exhausted and overweight, I couldn't bear another diet, so I went to see Glynis. Two months later I have lost over a stone, I have energy and feel good most of the time. I still have plenty of weight to lose but with guidance and support from Glynis I have accepted the changes in my eating habits and can see and feel the positive changes in me. My family and friends now notice how well I look." 
"I cannot recommend Glynis highly enough, she transformed my life, from over stressed and over tired to a calm ability to manage my life again and deal with my huge work load - eternally grateful!" 
Henrietta - Sudbury 
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